RFID Cards – Tags – Labels

Asia Tech is able to offer, along with a wide range of RFID Prelams suitable for the production of ISO Stanard Cards, a great variety of RFID Items (LF-HF-UHF), such us:

  – ISO Standard Cards, including related personalization services;
  – Customized Tags;
  – Customized Stickers & Labels;
  – Paper tickets ;

In order to provide the most appropriate solution, it is important to know which frequency your RFID tag/label operates and on what kind of product it will be affixed.

 - Low Frequency (LF) Tags / Labels operate on 125khz band which use less power and are better able to penetrate non-metallic substances. They are ideal for scanning objects with high-water content, but their read range is limited to 1 meter.

 - High Frequency (HF) Tags / Labels operate at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. Those Tags/Labels are typically used within applications that require read distances of less than 30 cm. The most common application is the access control.

- Ultra High Frequency  (UHF) Tags / Labels operate at a frequency which goes from 850 to 960 MHz. Those tags and labels must comply with the international recognized standard set by EPCglobal (UHF Gen 2). UHF frequencies typically offer better Reading/Writing range, up to 6 meters, and can transfer data faster than LF and HF products, but they use more power and are less likely to pass through material.

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Product CodeField of applicationProduct Leaflet
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