Bolus Tags

The ISO Standards (ISO11784 / ISO11785) have defined that the chip used for the Animal Identification must work on a Low Frequency of 134.2Khz.

Asia Tech along with it’s partner has developed a whole range of Boluses suitable for farmers and in general anyone who needs to identify and track animals in a very easy, fast and secure way. Our Boluses cover all current standards: FDX-B, HDX.

The products are supplied “ready to use” within a single blister already personalized in laser with the serial number encoded within the chip.

Those Boluses have been specifically designed for bovine, sheep and goat animals, in order to increase the level of security. If tampering with ear tags is thought to be possible, the rumen bolus would offer a secure alternative method to electronically track and identify the animals.

Therefore the choice between the more common ear tags or rumen boluses depends essentially on the level of security required.

Product CodeField of applicationProduct Leaflet
Product CodeField of applicationProduct Leaflet
Ruminal Boluses.Animal IDRuminal Boluses.pdf