Production/Personalization Machines

We know that for Card Manufacturers, Personalization Bureaus, Banks, Financial Institution, Testing Lab, etc, it is extremely important to deliver to the end customer high quality products.

 With this aim Asia Tech is providing cost effective tools, which are helping anyone that is working in the smart card industry (at any different level) to ensure that the products or components (ISO Card, Tag, sticker, Prelam, etc.) comply with the standards and is acceptable in term of quality.

 Here below there is just a brief list of products that we have on stock. However, should you require a specific tool that you cannot find below, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Product CodeField of applicationProduct Leaflet
Product CodeField of applicationProduct Leaflet
RFID LF TesterSmart Card IndustryRFID LF Tester.pdf
RFID HF TesterSmert Card IndustryRFID HF Tester.pdf
Portable Card CounterSmart Card IndustryPortable Card Counter.pdf