PC Core/Overlay

The Polycarbonate is a more rigid card body material which has a much higher resistance to damages from heat, flame, flexing and UV. However, due to the high cost of  its resins, the PC is mainly used for the production of added value cards, such us ID Card with contact chip, drive licences, healthcare cards and in general those cards which need a longer duration.

Usually it is not recommanded for the production of Contactless and or Dual Interface cards, due to the extra rigid aspects of the sheets and the high temperature needed to laminate the sheets that in some cases can result in a big failure rate of chip modules being used within the prelams.

Product CodeField of applicationProduct Leaflet
Product CodeField of applicationProduct Leaflet
Polycarbonate coreRaw MaterialsATSG-PCW79_ID1A.pdf
Polycarbonate Overlay LaserableRaw MaterialsATSG-PCOV3L79_ID3B.pdf
Polycarbonate Overlay LaserableRaw MaterialsATSG-PCOVL79_ID3A