PET-G Core/Overlay

The PETG is a special materials that have been developed to enhance specific strengths and reduce certain weaknesses of other material being commonly used within the smart card manufacturing process.

The PET-G is very often combined within the card body substrates to significantly enhance the physical durability of the finished card  and/or its resistance to high temperature.

 We are able to provide at very competitive price PET-G Core in sheets with thickness between 100 mm and 400 mm and PET-G Coated or Uncoated Overlay showing extremely hight adhesion properties with thickness between 60 mm and 120 mm.

Product CodeField of ApplicationProduct Leaflet
Product CodeField of ApplicationProduct Leaflet
ATSG-PETGWA804This PETG WHITE CORE is suitable for the production of all type of high grade cards, such us EMV Bank Cards, ID Cards, IC Contact cards, etc. This material has an excellent stability and provides to the card body a very resistant and durable structure. This PETG can be easily implemented by any card manufaturers since it shows the same workability as standard PVC Core.PETG-Core_ATSG-PETGWA804.pdf
ATSG-PETGOVBA805This PETG TRANSPARENT OVERLAY can be requested either uncoated or coated with a specific glue for a better adhesion. It is highly recommended to use this material in conjunction with Our ATT-PETGWA804 Core for the best workability results. This PETG Overlay has been specifically designed in order to provide good finishing result after lamination and gives the possibility to make the card body personalization in thermal transfer, Laser Engraving, Embossing, Indent, etc. ATSG-PETGOVBA805.pdf
ATSG-PETGHW807This PETGH HIGH TEMPERATURE WHITE CORE is the result of the mixture of specific PETG resins which make this material easy to be implemented by any card manufacturers. It has been designed specifically for the production of high added value cards that need to work under extreem conditions and high temerature. This material gives to the card body structure a very high resistance and long durability.ATSG-PETGHW807.pdf