Animal Tags & Tools

In the incoming few years we have seen a constant increase of the need to track the animals for health security purposes and in some circumstances also for quality checks.

The laws related to the Animal Identification is becoming stricter and in some cases mandatory. The ISO Standards (ISO11784 / ISO11785) have defined that the chip used for the Animal Identification must work on a Low Frequency of 134.2Khz.

This Frequency offers high resistance against external interference along with an excellent reading/writing performance also in the presence of metal and water. The read range of Asia Tech Animal ID Tags may go up to 1 meter.

 Asia Tech has developed along with its partner a full range of tags, fully compliant to the standard FDX-A, FDX-B, HDX covering any needs of this specific field.

 Our product list includes:

- Syryges
- EarTags
- Bolus Ruminals
- Heand Reade
- Heand Reader with Stick for long distance 

Product CodeField of applicationProduct Leaflet
Product CodeField of applicationProduct Leaflet
Syringes-Glass-Tags.pdfAnimal IDSyringes Glass Tags.pdf
Ear-TagAnimal IDEar-Tags.pdf
Ruminal Boluses.Animal IDRuminal Boluses.pdf