Prelams LF-HF-UHF-Combi

Asia Tech offers an extremely wide range of RFID prelams, also knows as RFID Inlays,  as the core part of ISO Standard Contactless Cards production. The range of prelams includes:

-       Low Frequency Prelams (LF)
-       High Frequency Prelams (HF)
-       Ultra High Frequency Prelams (UHF)
-       Combi Prelams (LF/HF – LF/UHF – HF/UHF)

Our Prelams are 100% customized accordingly with Our Customer’s needs in terms of:

  • Raw Material/Color/Grain Direction: PVC, PET-G, PC
  • Sheet format: 2by5, 3by6, 4by6, 3by7, 3by8, 3by10 and others on      demand.
  • Prelam Thickness;
  • UltraThin Prelam only 0.30mm thickness, manufactured with Etching    Antenna technology (Only for HF and UHF);
  • Standard Prelam with MOA4 Modules within 0.42mm thickness;
  • Standard Prelam with COB Chip within 0.46/0.48mm thickness.
  • Antenna Shape: We can customize the antenna shape in order to match specific requirements and/or the need to embed a contact chip for the production of hybrid cards which combine the functionality of a contactless and contact chip technology into one card.
  • Chip Position: in order to achieve the best printing results accordingly to the card design we can place the chip in different positions.

Product CodeField of applicationProduct Leaflet
Product CodeField of applicationProduct Leaflet
LF PrelamsSmart Card IndustryLF Prelams.pdf
HF PrelamsSmart Card IndustryHF Prelam.pdf
Ultra-thin-HF-InlayCardSmart Card IndustryUltra-thin-HF-InlayCard
Ultra-Thin-UHF-Inlay.pdfSmart Card IndustryUltra-Thin-UHF-Inlay.pdf
Combi-Prelam.Smart Card IndustryCombi-Prelam.pdf