Asia Tech has four main business units:

  • Raw Materials which includes a wide range of materials needed for the production of  smart card, including PVC, PETG, PET, ABS, etc.
  • RFID which includes semi-finished and finished products, such us Rfids Prelams, Tags, Wrist Band, EAS, Animal Tags, Cards, etc.
  • Semiconductors which offers the possibility to supply chip modules (Memories, Microprocessors, Flash, etc.) suitable for several field of application (Banking, Telecom, ID, Security) packaged in different formats, starting from sawn wafer or chip in reel, up to the finished smart card.
  • Production/Personalization Machines which includes a wide range of high performances machines (Milling, Embedding, Milling&Embedding, Dual Interface, Testing Tools, etc.) suitable for the production of Smart Cards.

Further to the above main 4 business units we support Our customers on a need to need base, offering special products on demand, selecting the best products available on the market for the specific opportunity.

Choosing within the above panel, the specific business unit of your interest, you will be guided into a complete list of products and brochures that will help you in finding the most suitable products for your business.