Dual Interface Inlays

Asia Tech is able to offer to it’s customer Dual Interface Inlays suitable for the production of Dual Interface Cards with flexible bump technology or Soldering technology.

The Dual Interface Inlays consist of a PVC (PET-G, PC) sheet on which is applied a conductive wire which is turned several times (depending on the contact chip specifications) creating 2 zig-zag areas within the embedding area, which are then needed to connect via conductive glue or soldering the Dual Chip into the card body.

Our DI Inlays can be customized in terms of Raw Material (PVC, PET-G, PC), Sheet Dimension, thickness and number of wire turns. We are able to tune within our laboratory any kind of chip in order to get the best QFactor, the appropriate Frequency and the best reading/writing performance.

Product CodeField of applicationProduct Leaflet
Product CodeField of applicationProduct Leaflet
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