Raw Materials

Asia Tech offers a large range of products, PVC/ PET-G / ABS / Polycarbonate, suitable for the Smart Card Industry that are manufactured using sophisticated equipments, mature technologies and very strict quality management controls with the aim to deliver to its clients across the globe excellent quality.

That’s why we offer:

  • A variety of grades of rigid films white matt and transparent core, with excellent surface finish, stable mechanical characteristics, good printability and uniform thickness;
  • A wide range of coated and uncoated overlay films exhibiting high adhesion properties guaranteeing maximum security for laminated cards and excellent optical results after personalization with the most common personalization technologies (laser, thermal Transfer, DoD, Digital).

With every order, we guarantee the stability of Our products, the exact color matching, the smoothness of printing surface, the sheets dimensions, the appropriate VICAT and related Graind Direction along with an accurate packaging accordingly with your specific requirements.

Using Our material you can be sure to get very fast delivery reducing your total production costs without sacrificing quality.